30 January 2005

Staff Sgt. Dennis McKinney trains at one of Camp Arifjans gyms. The 32-year-old reservist says he hopes to become the cruiserweight or light heaviweight boxing world champion by 2006. Pic by SSG Dennis McKinney Posted by Hello


Blogger T.F. Summerall said...

Dear Veritas,
Thanks for your comments. I think you might be interested in another blog of mine; merdetracy.blogspot.com...would be interested in doing an interview for this site? I would love to get the military perspective.

30 January, 2005 03:15  
Blogger Amerikan Alien said...

I have very much enjoyed reading your site. I too wish the media wouldn't show such a biased viewpoint of how the war is going over in Iraq.

Keep up the good work and please do keep sharing. Helping us here to show another view of the war will maybe open up the eyes of those who have been blinded by the medias point of view.


30 January, 2005 06:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering what these comments had to do with the picture of this dude trying to be a boxer?

30 January, 2005 12:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just to show iraq needs be another state of the united states it's nothing esle left to do

31 January, 2005 20:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dennis McKinney is a very motivated and focused man, Soldier and gentleman. I wish him nothing but the best in all that he does. Much success to you MAC. From a close friend.


24 September, 2006 07:44  

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