27 February 2005

Iraqi policemen enter the courtyard of an Iraqi owned home in the town of Mufrek. The policeman conducted a raid with elements of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, and yeilded a find of 62 AK-47 type rifles, 3 pistols, 2 sniper rifles and one set of ballistic body armor. PIC: SGT Matthew Acosta Posted by Hello


Blogger TOTAL KAOS INC. said...

Hey -Rachael-

Nice site, will pass it on.

Stay safe


27 February, 2005 19:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.. Thank you for dropping by my Blog. I am now so very curious about you and your role. These photo's are amazing. What a brilliant way of showing us how it's all going over there. Thank you and may your day be fantastic..

28 February, 2005 01:26  

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