25 March 2005

MAJ Hugh Shoults, operations officer, Task Force Dragon, XVIII Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, N.C., is the third generation of Shoults men to carry this particular bugle to a combat zone. The family tradition began with his grandfather in 1916. Shoults father and uncle carried the bugle in battle in World War II and Vietnam. Shoults, 38, is from Spokane, Wash. Pic: SGT Michael J. Carden
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I am researching Charles F. Zvorka, from St. Louis, MO. Charles was on a B24 Liberator called Sack Happy along with my father, who was the tailgunner. They crash landed and were taken POW in WWII. Is it possible that the Charles Zvorka, I am researching, be your grandfather or uncle?

I would love to know about the history of the bugle! What a wonderful tradition!!! I would love to share it with my children and grandchildren!

Sincerely, Patricia Peters proud daughter of SSgt. Lambert Patrick Zaetsch

25 May, 2008 05:05  

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