26 May 2005

CAMP TAQADDUM, Iraq - An Iraqi girl holds her brother to keep an eye on him while service members visit her village. The 2d Force Service Support Group (Forward) Marines, along with Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 112th Armor, 36th Infantry Division visit the local villages of Al Kabani and Quiadisisya to hand out soccer balls and backpacks filled with school supplies. Along with the humanitarian visits, contracts for water towers, septic filtration systems and mosque improvements were agreed upon between the village sheiks and the 2/112th. Pic: SGT Krisitn S. Jochums Posted by Hello


Blogger Jaclyn said...

Hi my name is Jaclyn and my fiance is now in camp taqaddum in iraq. Im really nervious and sad about it. His name is Jeremy Lechuga he is a LCpl and we are expecting a baby boy named Jayden in october, the sad part is he will not be there for his birth, he wont be home until march of next year so if anyone down there gets a hold of this will you please tell him that i love him and he is always in my prayers thank you

07 July, 2007 08:44  

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