24 May 2005

Reconstruction is an ongoing process throughout Iraq and daily strides improve the living conditions in the southern, central, and northern regions of the country.

As with any progress, along with each step forward, there may be occasional steps backwards. The 425 civilians, 80 military, and numerous Iraqi contractors working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) take each step forward and each occasional setback in stride and continue to move ahead. Together, they remain focused on a common goal -- reconstruction of Iraq for the Iraqi people.

The Oubaidy District sewage network is just one of 28 planned for renovations throughout Iraq, of which 13 are completed. The badly neglected network was designed for use by ten thousand people, but now supports a population ten times that number. As a result, the neighborhood has suffered for 25 years. Pic: Ms. Alicia Embrey Posted by Hello


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