02 June 2005

Preparing to change location - do not worry

I will be back soon - time to rotate to a new location. All is well, but will not be posting any new pics until around 15 June. I'll try to do it sooner, but getting power, and internet access can be slowwww. Thank you everyone for your comments and notes. I don't write about myself, because it's the people in the pictures that count.



Blogger Samantha said...

Awesome pics, you're near my people. I was in 3rd ID for 6 years.

03 June, 2005 06:00  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting these pictures. I got to see my dad (John Imperato)he's a remarkable man and I miss him dearly.

04 June, 2005 08:32  
Blogger Laura said...

We'll be hoping for your safe return to us.

06 June, 2005 23:53  
Blogger SouthernMarylandGirl said...

Just came across your blog through google. Love the pictures.

08 June, 2005 22:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I visit your blog often hoping to find a pic of my husband, I will keep my eyes opened. The pics are great and you are doing a great job. Thanks.

12 June, 2005 05:00  
Anonymous grayse said...

I hope you dont mind- but I linked you ;) I am LOVIN this site.

12 June, 2005 21:03  

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