29 June 2005

Soldiers from the 111th Engineer Battalion, Texas Army National Guard, look in to the video camera, promoting their support of the American Red Cross during a live broadcast feed to news stations in Dallas and Houston
Pic: SGT Michael J. Carden
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Dennis Martin and I enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard on 20051011. I am assigned to 111th Engineer Battalion. I leave for basic on May 30th and begin my job training after my Senior year in highschool (I'm a Junior right now). I can't wait to join these soldiers.

-PFC Dennis Martin

16 October, 2005 06:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband was a proud member of the 111th engineers when they were part of the 49th armored division, now reflagged the 36th infantry. Way to go guys, we know its hard work. Thanks a million.

Trisha Adair
Wife of Michael Adair

12 August, 2006 09:01  

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