16 June 2005

SPC Amandrea Euell with 2nd Platoon, 98th Cavalry Regiment, 155th Brigade Combat Team, stops an Iraqi local in Tunis to inspect his identification and ensure he is not transporting ammunitions and explosive devices across Iraq. Pic: Lance Cpl. JonDior Ferrell, U.S. Marine Corps.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My God keep you in perfect peace and continue to pray and never cease. I love you very much and anticipate the day till your safe return home. Your Wife To Be:)

24 July, 2005 16:58  
Anonymous Joy said...

WOW!!!! Amandrea, I typed in your name and found this picture. I have not heard from you, but I hope all is well with you. I love you...

Joy and Nadia

12 February, 2008 23:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am great and I am HAPPILY married - thanks for the comment -
Take Care

13 July, 2008 16:46  
Anonymous Joy said...

I am not trying to come between, you just came across my mind and I was just wondering were you okay and well...now I know...take care


25 October, 2008 05:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the military we have high family values - you desparate broke tricks (to be nice;-0) make me sick -always "thinking" and "wondering" about married men/women....find your own man, trick(Joy - if that's your name) and leave the married soldiers alone!!! The soldier said he's married -so let it go and let him and his fam live their life!!!!

Big Will
28 Inf

06 December, 2008 20:41  
Anonymous Joy said...

OMG!!!!! It's not that serious, so get a life, but I do not "internet fight/argue", so WHATEVER. You want to see me, I am in Memphis, TN, look me up....

P.S. That conversation was between Amandrea and me and unless you know the details, keep out of what had nothing to do with your ass. As well as, my name is Joy, no reason to hide my identity, but you Anonymous or Big Will...lol

*I guess the military also makes BITCH MADE NIGGAS, because that is YOU!!! Involving yourself in a conversation that had nothing to do with you.....

11 March, 2009 08:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Broke Bitch....Stay off da page if you don't internet fight...Apparently u don't have a life cus u still in military business...lol...Broke Ass...U jus another ghetto trick IN MEMPHIS..LOL...looking for a come up and I'm sure Will don't want to see you....trust that!!!! Let the man's page and picture alone!!! Stop Visiting with ya lonely A@@... Oh and I'm in MS..SO whatever to u 2...

98th Cav
Hernando, MS

19 March, 2009 21:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he's in the military,it's my biz as well, just stay off da page and walk away like a civilized bitch - remember those high family values we talked about trick...and Jason was right I don't wana c u...take my advice and stay off military pages - u don't belong here! I have enough fighting to do for your freedom than to 'net fight with a bitch like u!

Big Will

19 March, 2009 21:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brother is a great and respectful Military man and I have never heard him disrespect females the way you guys have to Joy. I'm embarrass for you guys and can't believe you would be on the internet talking with such rudeness and ignorance. But, hey, I guess I'm the next woman to be called names and be disrespect!!! Yet, you are men of honor and leaders and set an example....RIDICULOUS!!!

Okay, now disrespect me...

20 May, 2013 08:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dre man what's good homie?? I haven't seen you and Mrs.C since Vegas, we gotta do that again! What you doing my ni@@a plastered on the 'net..lol! I found a pic of me too! Lol!
Alright guys and girls let's let this 1 go. It's 2013!! I have to agree with my brothers on this page. Clearly, this Joy person started the -ish, this was like 80 years ago so leave it be. It would be great if all these thirsty THOTs would just stop googling a ni@@a and live their own life. I feel sorry for you THOTs. My brothers on the page give respect where respect is deserved and that THOT up top don't deserve nothing...look how she started everything off...Ma'am, your bro is a military man - I know him & Mrs.C. and I know he loves his family, just like I do!! No disrespect on my part, but ma'am ^^ you don't have to ever feel sorry or embarrassed for a Military Man! We will always be straight! I feel embarrassed for you ma'am if you're defending a THOT.

Marion I.

11 September, 2013 18:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your mama is a THOT!!!! Weak ass bitches, fighting with females and calling them names on the internet!!! Yet, not one of you bitch made punks will show your face, leave your info or come from behind your keyboard!!! I say this loudly & proudly, "ALL OF YOU 'BOYS' ARE FUCK BOYS, BITCH ASS FAGGOTS, WHO WILL CONTINUE TO FUCK EACH OTHER IN THE ASS!!!" That's why you are interfering in someone's else conversation, even though the 2 people the conversation was meant for, is not even responding to this thread!!!! STUIPD BITCHES!!! Now GO bitches, and say something to me!!! IDC and I'm ready for bitches like y'all, because you are anonymous, internet trolls!!!!

09 December, 2017 09:06  

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