23 June 2005

U.S. Marine Cpl. Rodney A. Backues looks for insurgents in the city of Karabilah while conducting a mission in support of Operation Spear. Backues, deployed with Charlie Company, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, is conducting the reconnaissance from a Light Armored Vehicle. His unit is working with Iraqi Security Forces to isolate and neutralize insurgent forces. Pic: Lance Cpl. Shane S. Keller, U.S. Marine Corps.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would like to thatnk all the soliders but i have been searching on some sites and i dont like that some of the iraqi are being tortured. So again thanks for the soliders that didnt torture any iraqis. And i hope all of u come back to ur families safly.Thank u
WE LOVE U ALL!!!!!!!!

07 July, 2005 20:59  

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