16 September 2005

SSG Sean Knudsen observes an Iraqi instructor teaching a member of the Iraqi army's 3rd Platoon how to clear his weapon during training on a firing range at Forward Operating Base Danger. Pic: Senior Airman Ave Pele, U.S. Air Force
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There he stands, monitering and correcting fellow servicemembers! Last Spring he stood alongside his Congressman ( Mike Rogers-MI ) observing and correcting his Purple Heart denial. When this picture was taken, SSG Knudsen was still carrying shrapnel in his shoulder and head. SSG Knudsen is now retired medically from his wounds. This picture taken of him is iconic because still today, even though retired from service and disabled, he still stands tall amongst his fellow servicemembers....monitering and correcting their actions. Few people know it but, he will be in washington D.C. again soon monitering and correcting the failures of our senior military leadership.

Mike Thompson
Detroit, Michigan

20 November, 2007 20:43  
Blogger Tianna said...

I'm glad i found this blog. SSG Knudsen was my adopted soldier through soldier's angels, and his information disappeared sometime ago without explantion, now i know why. I hope all is well with him.

02 March, 2008 07:00  

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