21 November 2005

A Soldier assigned to 1st Battalion, 4th Public Order Brigade, paints over grafitti in Horjaeb. The Soldiers partnered with American troops to paint over grafitti and hand out goodies. Pic: SPC Dan Balda


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NetVisionary 2005 - Post-mortem
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21 November, 2005 05:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what area your son is in, but my two-in two different areas of Iraq spend their days dodging sniper bullets, IED's and mortar rounds.

Did I mention they are National Guard reservists? Are you aware two British soldiers were arrested, wearing Arab garb in a car full of explosives? Those would be the two the British used a bull dozer to rescue after Iraqi police arrested them.
http://www.mfso.org for Military Families
Not to burst anyones bubble-but our soldiers need to be home, not misused in a foreign land.

New Orleans is still in shambles, for God's sake. America first, troops home now.

Hat's off to Congressman Murtha, a soldier who loves his soldiers.

21 November, 2005 05:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First..Murtha was a Marine, not a soldier. He also needs to remember MacArthur's parting wisom...old soldiers need to fade away.

Your son's are great, perhaps you need to listen to them. Murhta's comments only put them in greater danger.

27 November, 2005 18:05  
Blogger ultraviolet39 said...

right! "old soldiers" like murtha need to fade away and let more credible sources like yourself speak for the growing concerns of a majority of opinions from around the country. that makes alot of sense. take your own advice and listen more. try starting with your own irrelevent comments.
putting our soldiers into a war under false pretense was the ultimate act of putting them into harms way. to ignore the reality of that as you seem to feel completely comfortable doing perpetuates the growing suspicion of our current occupation from people here in the states and from around the world as well as perpetuating the increasing violence against americans, soldiers or otherwise. the old adage "two wrongs don't make a right" is the justification for withdrawal, not for staying the course. the administration bears sole responsibility for any harm inflicted on soldiers who were fullfilling their duty and any loss of life due to "premature withdrawal", not the critics who hold them accountable for their dependency on propaganda over fact to persuade american and world opinion. furthermore the administration needs to accept responsibility for the political atmosphere in iraq post-withdrawal rather than passing the buck to it's growing number of dissenters, which brings to mind another old adage "you made your bed, you lie in it"

28 November, 2005 04:49  

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