30 November 2005

SPC Joe Villines, Des Moines, Iowa native, currently in Mosul conducts a preventative maintenance check on a humvee engine. (Actually, he is in a "staredown" with the engine that has been giving him a difficult time.)

P.S. Just don't let the Air Force guys put MOGAS in it!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! It's me!

16 December, 2005 01:15  
Blogger dana h said...

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08 March, 2008 04:16  
Blogger dana h said...


08 March, 2008 04:19  
Blogger dana h said...

this very moment iv felt lonely depression for theese people and soldiers!god bless your souls!i love you and thank you!its 8:20 friday march 7th 2008!i wonder wutts going on in iraq right now!

08 March, 2008 04:22  
Blogger dana h said...

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08 March, 2008 04:23  

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