09 February 2006

Which One is More Offensive?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that 9/11 is more offensive after the attack on Pearl Harbor and before 9/11 America thought that she was invisible after that we realized that we werent but I dont think we need to keep these pictures of the twin towers up to show that we are not invisible we dont need to be reminded of that tragic day.

19 February, 2006 07:26  
Blogger patrick hershberger said...

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20 February, 2006 09:39  
Blogger Daya Vent said...

I disagree. Posting these pictures remind us the # 1 principle of DEMOCRACY: freedom of speech.
Also, I do not think that you migth compare both pics. Each one has a vey different context and meaning to the arab and western worlds. Promote dialogue and Please dont be intolerant!!!

21 February, 2006 20:28  
Blogger Julie said...

Yeah, be more tolerant like "daya vent."

02 March, 2006 03:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a good way to show that it means something to the world and to family members that lost their loves ones....i am a 18 year old kid that lost my dad in the war and it meant alot to me!

21 March, 2006 00:03  
Anonymous HarleySgtG@aol.com said...

We should have these pictures broadcast every day to us, because we have already forgotten about the attack. We are more worried about the rights of Iraqi prisoners, and how much money we should pay to the illegal immigrants that were detained after 9-11. We need these pictures to remind us, because we WILL be attacked again

23 March, 2006 08:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My family, my friends, and I haven't forgotten.

God bless our troops in Iraq and around the world.

Keep us safe!

24 March, 2006 05:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how can we be tolerant of the muslim faith when they will kill there own people if they choose to become a christian or another faith? isn!t it great to live in a free country where we can be what we want!unfortunatly there goal is to kill all who refuse to be muslim, so we must defend our freedom or in the long run be destoyed. what do we want?

26 March, 2006 04:22  
Anonymous currency trader said...

Sadly what you all don't rea;ize is that this war = currency war.
When the euro was issued this was a GREAT THREAT to US Economy. When Saddam stated on 11/2000 " all OIL will be sold in EUROS, not US Dollars any more." The WAR started! The US World Reserve currency USE to be the DOLLAR. The first barel shipped out of IRAQ from OCA was completed in DOLLARS! And further anyone who threatens the dollar is on the axis of evil list. Now onto IRAN. Iran is to open a NEW oil Exchange in Euro's for the oil futures contract 3/2006. Sadly we are using military power to "attempt" protection of the World Reserve Currency = The Us Dollar. This month 3/2006 the FED will no longer disclose M3 = repo's. Prediction...currency and or bond crash to the US economy.
Additionally, most don't understand unless they are floor traders.
Hope and pray you all come home safe!

31 March, 2006 04:44  
Anonymous feminista said...

The Iraqi families that have been slaughtered by the american invaders have nothing to do with 9/11.

The more innocent people you barbarians kill the prettier the 9/11 pic becomes.


06 April, 2006 12:24  
Anonymous DevilDog said...

Feminista is right that some innocent Iraqis have died...it is an unexcusable thing that happens in war. Feminista...are you there? Do you live their way every day? If so, I respect you. I have been there (I am a Marine) and have a great respect for most Iraqis. They are willing to sacrafice for their future. But Feminista, what have you contributed to the freedom of the Iraqi people?

07 April, 2006 18:24  

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