07 May 2006

Iraqi children watch soldiers from the 1st Division of the Iraqi Army patrol the streets of Habbaniyah. Patrols like this have become commonplace throughout the Al Anbar province as Iraqi soldiers work towards independent operations without U.S. assistnce. "The Iraqi soldiers are 20 times better than when we first started working with them in January," said GySgt. Michael McDaniel, a Los Angeles native assigned to the Militray Transition Team responsible for advising the 1st Division. Pic: lLT Robert Shuford


Blogger Luv2Box said...

Love the pictures and stories - keep posting 'em! It is so nice to see some positive images and hear what great work you are doing. Please know you are supported. To me, you and all the men/women who serve with you are the real heroes. Stay strong until you finish the mission and may God keep you safe!

09 May, 2006 04:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to see our military training the Iraqi's to defend those freedoms they do on a daily basis. Thanks for the pictures as the one's portrayed in the MSM mostly ignore the positive accomplishments of our men and women in the armed forces.

10 May, 2006 05:32  

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