31 July 2006

SPC Edward Panico, track vehicle mechanic, 67th Forward Support Company, 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery Regiment, Fires Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, receives the Combat Action Badge from COL Allen Batschelet, commander, Fires Bde., 4th Inf. Div., during a ceremony at the battalion headquarters here. Panico, who hails from Westport, Conn., and three other Soldiers were driving out of Samarra, Iraq, in an M1114 up-armored humvee from Kuwait to Forward Operating Base Q-West, Iraq, when an improvised-explosive device detonated 10 meters from the vehicle Dec 27. The Soldiers credit their survival to training conducted before their deployment to Iraq.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every one should be so thankful for god wathing over them and you all everyday know that you are in mine and my families prayers!!

01 September, 2006 01:53  

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