26 December 2006

CPT Adrian Spevak (center), the Bandog Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment commander, hands out Christmas cards Dec. 25 to his Soldiers who are away from Camp Taji, Iraq for Christmas. Since some of his Soldiers were unable to enjoy the festivities at Camp Taji, the command desided to take the Christmas festivities to the Soldiers at the Mushahidah patrol base. Along with the Christmas cards, the Soldiers were treated to a hot Christmas meal and gifts that had been sent to Camp Taji by the unit's Family Readiness Group.
PIC: SGT Cheryl Cox


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats why we love the Spevaks. They are the best command team that I have been affiliated with.GO BANDOGS

01 January, 2007 07:05  

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