02 December 2006

Have You Ever Eaten Horse?

Please sign and send this petition around to as many people as you can.
We only have until the end of this session to have it brought for a vote and need to pressure the Senate as much as possible, please only USA signatures


The chance to save America's horses is in the homestretch! The U.S. Senate will be back in session for only a few days, and we must ensure that it will take action on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act before adjourning for the year.

Our next, and likely final, National Call-In Day for Horses is this Tuesday, Dec. 5. We must flood Senate offices and Senator Frist's office with phone calls , urging them to cosponsor S. 1915 and get it to the senate floor for a vote. Mark your calendars now.

Here's what you can do to help:

1. Tell your friends and family. With the help of concerned citizens like you, we had over 20,000 calls reach the House of Representatives before it passed this legislation in September. Help us reach the Senate with an even greater number of people by telling everyone you know to call their Senators on Dec. 5.

2. Make the call Dec. 5. Call your two current U.S. Senators or call the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121. If you're not sure what to say, try this: "I am a constituent and I am calling to ask that the Senator immediately protect our horses from slaughter and cosponsor S. 1915, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. I am very concerned about American horses and I don't want them slaughtered. "

3. Let us know you called. On Tuesday, follow up your phone calls by letting us know you called to support the end of horse slaughter in the United States. Click here to help push the Call-In Day counter into the tens of thousands by letting us know you called.

The time to act is here. We've been able to bring America's horses to the brink of permanent protection from slaughterhouse butchers, but we're not there yet. We must light up the phones in the Senate because our horses are counting on us. Nearly 100,000 horses are killed every year so that their meat can be eaten by foreign gourmands abroad, and they cannot afford to wait to see if another Congress will decide to save them.

Your calls will not only make a difference, they will help make history. Help us end horse slaughter in the United States forever.


Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States


Anonymous Justin Michael said...

Hi Wayne;

Good Post, Thank You for sharing this with Us.

Justin Michael NC

02 December, 2006 16:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We NEED this bill passed. Responsible ownership and breeding practices are necessary. Horse theft rates are up. This industry needs to be shuttered as it breeds neglect, abuse and theft by rewarding these individuals for their irresponsible and illegal actions.

In a country such as ours with all the talk about moral values and compassion, it amazes me that we still allow this industry to exist.

Please contact your Congressional representative and let him know that you want S 1915 and HR 503 passed and to co-sponsor S 1915.

Please end the horrors for these animals. Please show our representatives that we truly ARE a country with moral values and compassion and that we are NOT to be the doormat for foreign industry to do the dirty work for them!

Horse slaughter MUST be banned in this country. These bills must be passed BEfore the end of the year!

Support S 1915 and HR 503 to end this atrocity in our country!

02 December, 2006 18:30  
Blogger Ivanka Steener said...

We can stop the slaughter of an American icon. 70 percent of the US is against horse slaughter and the Senate is still sitting on the bill. I urge you to flood your Senators' offices with calls and help get this bill passed. The Senate operator can be reached at 202-224-3121.

05 December, 2006 23:38  

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