26 February 2007

A Soldier from 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division searches the shadows of a palm grove on a recent patrol in the area of Mahmudiyah, Iraq, 17 miles south of the Iraqi capital. Coalition and Iraqi army soldiers patrol this area together to deny the enemy safe haven and staging grounds to launch attacks against the capital city. Pic: PFC Jon Cano


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jon Cano,

I am working on a line of cards that will be sold through chruches and then sent to soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan. The profits of the cards will go "Adopt a Cahplin's", book division. I would like to know if I could use this image for one of the cards. It is a moving photo! If you would like to hear the verse that I wrote that I would like to use with the image, please let me know and I will send it to you.

I am a deacon at the United Chruch of Christ in Minneapolis, MN. My heart goes out to all of you!

If you would be intested in contributing this image to the card collection, would it be possible for you to send the image to me via email?

My email is: melody@workandwellness.com.

Bless you,

Melody Fellows

18 June, 2007 20:05  

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