05 April 2007

Soldiers of “Blue Platoon,” Company D, 1-12 Combined Arms Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, take a knee in prayer before they head out on a mission into Khalis, Iraq. The prayer is a tradition of the platoon and is said before every mission by a different Soldier.
Pic: SPC Ryan Stroud


Anonymous Mike said...

It's great to see such a tradition posted on the internet. I've seen it numerous times and all over the world. But, our media doesn't want to admit that God is real, particularly to most Soldiers. We pray for you every day!

06 April, 2007 19:09  
Anonymous Alanna Pujals said...

I want to thank all our Amazeing U.S men and woman who are over in Iraq fighting for our country and freedom here in America.
your in our prayers!
God bless you all over there in Iraq!

10 May, 2007 01:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would've been with these brave men right now if I wasn't rejected to join the military due to a medical reason. I fully support our troops 100% without a doubt! My prayers are with them and their families. Thank you for posting such photos. At least we see the good side of an evil world. God bless our troops!

26 May, 2007 07:56  

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