18 May 2007

Soldiers with the latest Stryker brigade to arrive in Iraq secure a road as residents walk by during a patrol in the Taji area, May 15. The Soldiers are with the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, from Fort Lewis, Wash. The 4-2 SBCT is the fourth of five brigades to arrive in Iraq as part of the president's "surge" of troops into the Baghdad area. Unfortunately - it won't be enough. We should see how many troops we put on the ground in WWII in Italy, Germany, Japan and other locations and compare that ratio to the square miles of Iraq v. troops. The brigade assumed official responsibility for the area north of Baghdad including a part of deadly Diyala province.



Blogger ~Sonic~ said...

Hey there Romeo. Just wanted to dorp a line to say thanks for the great blogs. A close friend who is also an "EX" just was deployed from Sierra Visa, since Ft. Hauchuca is such a small but growing place and all Military, you may know her.... SSG Marissa Manning from the 104th. She arriveed in Kuwait in late May & I Havent heard from her for several weeks since her unit moved out! If you run into her - cause I know the world really is smaller than we know- tell her Sonic is watching over her! Sir, you keep youself safe... and thanks for the blogs! Ill be tuninig in to keep an eye on your site! With all my heart, Thank You... from a long line of "Semper Fi's"

18 May, 2007 02:54  

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