24 August 2007

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Armored Vehicles

The Pentagon has approved the expansion of the MRAP program to over 20,000 vehicles. The US Army plan to increase its fleet of MRAP vehicles from the planned 2,300 to 17,700. The Marines's allocation will remain at 3,400 and special operations forces will receive about 300 (170 have already been ordered). This plans will virtually phase out the HMMWV from use in combat patrols and high risk missions. Responding to the urgent requirement, the Army plans to have all 17,700 MRAPs in theater by April 2009. To accomodate this plan all suppliers are expanding their production facilities to speed up deliveries, reaching several hundred vehicles per month by the automn of 2007. By July 2007, 6415 vehicles are on order and the Pentagon expects 3,500 of them to be delivered to US forces in Iraq by the end of 2007.


Anonymous mvaussies said...

I have seen and studied these Photos close (Long time shareholder of teh Company who builds these Cougars). They were very interesting. Maybe you can comfrim it. After studying, it looked like they had been "Parting it out", for a few days. Alot of the major things scattered around were fine, tires & axles, Hood pieces, engine Pulled (no rips in hoses), etc.
The SHAME is it looks like from the clean paint job, a brand new one!

25 August, 2007 01:09  

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