27 August 2007

SGT Shawn Hatley, with arm extended, a native of Hickory, N.C., and SGT Christopher Meinke, behind Hatley, a native of Rosemount, Minn., both from of A Troop, 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, brief newly arrived members of a quick reaction force on the situation near the site of a roadside bomb attack on a U.S. convoy in Baghdad's Adhamiyah neighborhood.
Pic: SGT Michael Pryor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn from Hickory, You are one "HOT" Soldier Boy. We love you here in "Hick Ory" Love, Clint

18 December, 2007 19:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey cuz!! We miss you very much!! You look really good in uniform!! Merry Christmas!! Michelle, Terry, and Brittany

21 December, 2007 03:24  

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