24 September 2007

SGT Daniel Roche of 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Regiment, peers through a peephole in an abandoned building in Baqubah, Iraq. Roche was searching for a sniper that was taking shots at coalition forces as they cleared a neighborhood, known as "Mexico", of insurgents and weapons caches.
Pic: lLT Richard Ybarra


Anonymous Christina Anthony said...

Thanks for all the work you do to keep us free and safe.
Take good care of yourself,and your Team. Watch your Butt and don't shoot yourself in the foot (or a place that would hurt even worse)and don't kill anybody on the good side only on the Iraqi side.
My daddy's over there with you, he's an infantry soldieer would you watch there butts for me.
Thanks again for your work,

26 September, 2007 01:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

marine recruit (infantry) justin -
keep up your heads and kick ass
marines - the baddest m*ther fu*kers in the valley - godbless all of yall

26 September, 2007 02:17  

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