01 September 2007

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Andrew Piazza applies a dressing to the hand of an Iraqi child discovered with second degree burns during a humanitarian assistance mission. Piazza is assigned to Camp Fallujah, Iraq, and participated in a Civil Affairs mission conducted by Special Operations Task Force-West and the U.S. Marines Expeditionary Force Headquarters Battalion.

Pic: Senior Master Sgt. Charles Ramey, USAF


Blogger JOSHUA said...


01 September, 2007 22:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz..

We're so proud of you.


21 December, 2007 01:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew, We are very proud of you! We love & miss you lots. Be safe..

Love, Dad & Pam

28 December, 2007 03:35  
Anonymous Trina said...

Hello little brother. This was a wonderful picture of you at your finest. We can't wait to see you again!
Love Trina, Dwight, Samantha, Sara and Lydia

30 January, 2008 03:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

drew i am so pround to be your girlfriend i cant wait for you to come home be safe ill see you soon. love always until forever lindsay

05 March, 2008 23:25  
Blogger Amber said...

Baby I am so proud to be your WIFE...your amazing in so many ways...this picture only shows the surface of how wonderful you really are. You are my husband, soulmate, and best friend. I am so proud of you. I love u baby.
Love always,
your wifey

09 November, 2010 00:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love.. I am so proud we are engaged and getting ready to Marry.. you went thru hell and back to get where you are, not only professionally but personally as well.. but now look all we have.. I love you to the moon and back, forever and a day.. You have me forever.. I am so proud of you.. your Fiancee and soon to be wife Irene..xoxo

27 May, 2016 01:22  

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