28 November 2007

Riverside, Calif., native PFC Thomas Grimm, an infantryman, points out a rooftop to Arlingtion, Texas, native PFC Daniel Dension, a medic, both with 1st Platoon, Company C, 1st Squadron, 75th Cavalry Regiment, while patrolling at an electrical power plant in Kateib in northwest Baghdad.
Pic: SGT James Hunter


Anonymous Sondra Hickman said...

Thomas Grimm is a great friend of our daughter and we are so very proud of him. What a brave young man to choose to do what he feels is needed in the world. We love you Thomas. - Alisha's parents, Michael & Sondra

02 December, 2007 19:37  
Anonymous mcfly said...

Thomas is my little brother, oh man i am so glad to see some pictures of what he is doing in iraq. so proud of you thomas. love you bro stay safe.

03 December, 2007 08:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thomas is my soon to be brother in law. he is one of the greatest men walking this earth right now. he is one of my greatest hero's and he is my inspiration to joining the army as an airborne infantryman.. he is a great man

04 December, 2007 05:08  
Blogger Dana said...

Daniel is my son, and my hero but above all he is my friend. Coming from a family of soldiers it is no surprise he would join in a time of war. He is twice the man I could ever hope he would turn out to be. Love you Danny.

04 December, 2007 22:39  
Anonymous keri said...

we love you thomas!! chubs and i pray for you everyday. it's great to see a picture of you doing what you do. keep fighting the good fight!

06 December, 2007 22:06  
Anonymous papa bear said...

Hi Thomas well we found your blog
(and for a couple of more mature folks that is an accomplishment).
then after typing the first note and trying to send it,not knowing we had to have a blog address,when I tried to send it, SHEZZAM!!! it dissapered.so after going through all that we are now a blogger. it was great to see you all decked in your "working gear" and yep you
look real professional.We love you
lots and pray for you and your unit every day.Stay safe WE love you lots G&G grimm
stay safe

08 December, 2007 02:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy moly tomas grimm, this is your great friend Mr. James. This picture is so crazy to look at. The friend i had in high school is all grown up...CRAZY Love you dude. that's right i love a guy...

30 December, 2007 05:59  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Hi Thomas,

It's Amanda, Keith, and Ben. It is so good to see a picture of you. Your Dad told us about this...so we thought we'd drop you a line. We love you and are so very proud of you! Please stay safe! I know your parents are in Michigan now, but if you come to Prescott, please give us a call. Our prayers are with you! Big Hugs!

12 February, 2008 11:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Thomas,Your in our prayers,with all our love Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dan. Jesus will be with you.

29 March, 2008 08:29  

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