13 December 2007

With the sun already set over Camp Liberty, Iraq, SSG James Ausmann, platoon sergeant and native of Pulaski, Va., with Headquarters Platoon, Company A, 1st Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, attached to the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), reads a letter from his wife prior to moving out to Joint Security Station Adil Mall.
Pic: SGT James Hunter


Blogger The Triangle of Fun said...

Hey, I'm at Camp Liberty (civ) keep up the great work, great pictures

16 December, 2007 16:55  
Blogger harleyblues said...

Hello there
Harleyblues here, I'm not sure if any of the troops serving in Iraq have computer access? but I did leave a message on my own blog A Special Christmas message along with 3 vids. I admire all the men & women that are serving our country & it's alias. I don't however believe in this War in Iraq and hope the troops ccome home soon. Here is my link here


Take Care

06 January, 2008 02:39  
Anonymous Nichole Toler, West Virginia said...

This picture really touched my heart. I know the war is going on in Iraq and hear things about it daily. But seeing him reading this letter, before he goes out to do his command really brought it all home to me. I am with the West Virginia Veterans Relief Fund and I call people and help raise donations to get the troops care packages. Seeing this photo makes me feel I am really doing some good.

09 September, 2011 03:17  

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