23 January 2008

SSG Roberson, from C Company, 492nd Civil Affairs Battalion, surveys the Al-Ghazaly Electrical Service Station which provides power to the 143 residents of Muhallah, Iraq, in east Baghdad, Iraq, during an area patrol. Routine patrols and checkups on utility stations such as this help provide consistently reliable services to Iraqis.
Pic: SPC Nicholas Hernandez


Anonymous DoubleTapper said...

This may be a little off topic but, what's with the 72 virgins anyway? Has anyone ever seen them?

I've been around and I know what their ideal woman looks like. Yuck!

I've got a better offer for them. Don't blow yourself up. Repent, and come visit us in Israel.

Here are 72 of our finest waiting to show you true paradise. No painful suicide required!



27 January, 2008 11:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

Please spread the word to anyone who might be wearing a PASGT helmet.

According to two of its top employees, a contractor who supplied the Kevlar for as many as 2.2 million PASGTs deliberately shorted an average of as many as 11,000 strands of Kevlar per helmet.

To read the specifics, and to see proof, go to www.FederalFraud.com, click on "In The News" and read about the Sioux Manufacturing case.

If anyone is still wearing a PASGT, it is likely that it contains substandard Kevlar.

Please Spread the word.

A. Campanelli
(516) 746-1600

28 January, 2008 21:31  
Anonymous vancouver party hopper said...

Generous part for the side of the Americans.

11 January, 2012 05:11  

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