02 February 2005

Boys will be boys no matter what country they come from. Sgt. Mark Jones, 21, of Prescott, Ark., stands on the riverbank of the Tigris River with a local Iraqi while neighborhood kids throw rocks into the water. Jones and the rest of his unit, Arkansas 1st Battalion, 153rd Infantry Regiment, have come to know the kids over the past year from their patrols in Baghdad. Because they saw the kids so frequently and learned they had no mother, they adopted the Iraqi kids in their own special way. The Soldiers gave the children nicknames, brought clothes, food and toys to them and made it a point to play with them when they had the chance. Pic by Staff Sgt. Rebekah-mae Bruns Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An honor to have you visit my 'blog and your blog is certainly AWESOME!!!! The pictures are certainly nothing we see on the mainstream media - thank you for sharing them with us.

02 February, 2005 04:43  

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