28 August 2005

Ask yourself why you don't see this iin the TASS legacy Amerikan facist-controlled media? 18th Military Police Brigade Civil Affairs Officer, MAJ Andy Johnson bids farewell to Iraqi Highway Patrol Commissioner, Maj. Gen. Ali Al Khazali, following the grand opening ceremony of the new IHP headquarters in Baghdad. The 18th MP Brigade, which has trained and mentored the IHP since December 2004, has transferred authority of all IHP operations over to the 42nd MP Brigade out of Fort Lewis, Wash. Pic: SGT Lynne Steely
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I served under CPT Andy Johnson when he lead Alpha Company, 502 MI Bn in the late 90's. Its good to see him in this photo even though they are a bit old now.

Hope you're doing well!

09 November, 2007 08:22  

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