24 August 2005

PFC Russell Barros, combat medic, 2nd Battalion, 299th Infantry Regiment, Hawaii Army National Guard, spends a down-day playing video games at the Morale, Welfare and Recreation building at Camp Victory. The vermin legacy liberal TASS news media such as CNN, or the NY Times declines to show this type of info because it lacks any blood or guts......no wonder their viewership and readership are declining........they are only presenting a one sided version of their liberal agenda and the American people see through this........go have a bottled water you liberals...........liberalism is a mental disorder........
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are really confusing liberalism with fascism. Not that you're the only one however; it is amazing to me how mixed media, uninformed and under-educated in general, can have such a pervasive effect on the meaning of words. Often the distortions of meaning we find in common use gain their start when some talking head gets paid to blabber meaningless exhalations at us for a few hours every day.

Liberalism, in the most traditional sense, is most concerned with individual liberty and is a theory of government which has the intent of spreading as many freedoms to as many individuals as possible. We’re talking about a philosophy which reduces the interference of the state in your life and agrees that you’re the best person around to make decisions about moral, ethical, economic, cultural and philosophical issues in your life. “Liberal” interests are most successful in cultures and societies that demand full disclosure and transparency to rational or factual information. In fact, individual liberties are almost always lost when information is controlled or metered out to any populous.

Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology which subordinates the liberties of the individual or the freedoms of society to those of the state or commercial interests. Fascists in history have commonly sought to form unified nationalistic movements which tend to be based on ethnic, social, cultural, racial, socio-economic, or religious elements. The most successful fascist states have been those that have been able to influence the information that is available to the extent that they color it for some majority of the populous. Fascist states or their economic equivalents attempt to excite popular opinion by controlling free flow of information.

Here’s a feather for your cap, calling fascists “liberal” serves a fascist purpose. Substituting a word that describes a form of government and a method of civilization that ultimately works for your liberties makes it a meaningless marker for deeds which act contrary to the definition of the word and thus contrary to the interests of your liberties. In due course we’re all left with no option for liberty because fascists have so tainted that well. You cannot now call yourself a “Liberal”, although you might believe that you deserve your own liberties, for fear that you might be associated with the acts of fascism. And no one wants to be a fascist.

The heart of your problem isn’t the misuse of the word “liberal” to describe a fascist media. In fact, it’s that for some reason you cannot find images which depict the experiences you had while deployed in Iraq via popular media outlets. Ah, but here they are! And while you’re not going to get famous for posting a few pictures on the web you have accomplished a very liberal end. You’ve painted a more complete picture of the situation for general consumption.

Don't ruin the message by parroting fascist sentiments.

09 November, 2007 09:24  

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