19 February 2006

SPC Derek Castro, from the 490th Civil Affairs Battalion, engages in some good-natured arm wrestling with an Iraqi boy during a humanitarian visit to the town of Istaqal. Pic: Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Larson, USN


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm prayin for ya man

21 February, 2006 00:11  
Blogger Susan said...

What a great moment captured in this photo. You're all in our prayers.

02 March, 2006 22:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are the kinds of images the media should show the world. I dont watch the news because those bastards only show you what they want to. You never see both sides of the story. Stay safe.

08 April, 2006 07:54  
Blogger NuclearTinkerbell said...

Great photo. Civil Affairs do so much good.

09 April, 2006 00:31  
Blogger spyscribbler said...

That photo is priceless, and says so much. May I post it on my blog with a link to your site? I'd love for my readers to see your site.

Heck, I'll link either way.

16 March, 2007 07:27  
Anonymous D. Ward said...

Thanks so much for posting this pic and the ones above it. My husband is there now with these guys and it is good to see what he tells me is happening there. I agree with anonymous that the media should show the world these pictures. Maybe then America would be united in helping to support the Soldiers and thier families and understand the importance of this mission as we do. The politcal fighting makes me mad and this issue over there is not a political one. The Iraqi's desire and are fighting hard to have the freedoms that we have and so many take for granted...they are humans and desrve to live in peace and prosperity as well. Thanks for your site, it is great!

25 April, 2007 18:21  

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