03 December 2006

Lance Cpl. Ryan L. Tomlinson (left) reunites with his brother, Cpl. Erik W. Tomlinson, a 21-year-old squad leader with 2nd Platoon, Company L, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, at Camp Taqaddum.. The brothers had seen one another only two times in more than two years. Ryan, a 19-year-old combat correspondent with 1st Marine Logistics Group (Forward), had this to say about seeing his older brother: "It was just perfect. I can't really explain how good I feel right now." Both are from Franklin, Tenn., and expected to return to the states in February 2007. 1st Marine Logistics Group is deployed with I MEF (FWD) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq (MNF-W) to develop the Iraqi Security Forces, facilitate the development of official rule of law through democratic government reforms, and continue the development of a market based economy centered on Iraqi Reconstruction.


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