13 July 2007

Army Leadership Failure

Christopher Mosier, a former soldier from Des Moines, Iowa, witnessed an explosion in Iraq in which several of his friends burned to death. He came home suffering from schizophrenic-type delusions. He was diagnosed with personality disorder and discharged in the spring of 2006. After paying back his signing bonus, he left base with a debt of $1,712. Mosier died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Oct. 2, 2006. Linda Mosier does not believe her son had a personality disorder. "They take a normal kid, he comes back messed up, then nobody was there for him when he came back," Linda said. "They discharged him so they didn't have to treat him."
(Linda Mosier)


Blogger Bill German said...

If I saw my friends burn alive, I would be screwed up too. what a sad sad story

23 July, 2007 08:01  
Blogger matthew said...

knew chris from highschool ,sad to see people u know die.

R.I.P chris

/matthew p. gallant

20 October, 2007 08:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RIP brother


12 December, 2014 03:16  

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