29 February 2008

SPC Charlie Aguayo, a mechanic with the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 720th Military Police Battalion, 18th Military Police Brigade, native of Waxahachie, Texas, repairs a compressor in the 720th MP Bn. motor pool on Camp Striker. Mechanics from the brigade are an invaluable resource supporting the brigade's mission as they keep the unit's fleet of vehicles and equipment in top-notch shape while continuously exceeding operational readiness standard.
Pic: SGT Daniel Blottenberger


Blogger admiyo said...

Send along a thnks from a random compatriot. "Go spend a year in Iraq, and take a lot of shit for just being a Fobbit." But it is Soldier's like these that keep the Army going. For every bullet launcher down range, there is a whole team of people (I've heard at some estimates 10 support per soldier.)

03 March, 2008 18:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just want to say thanks my husband is in this field and he come how in 2mo i cant wait so thanks to all of u how do it and put ur life on the line god bless
mrs herlihy

23 October, 2009 06:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This may not be the place for this but - I received this scam email from a person pretending to come from this battalion. If you have contacts with the military maybe you could forward this because I believe it is appalling to use this situation to try to extort funds from caring people and maybe this person could be caught and stopped? thank you and sorry to have bothered you.

How are you and your family? Hope all is well.

Please I need you to join all other peace loving people around the world in observing just a minute silence for the Five{5}dead American military personnel who were fatally shot and killed by SGT. John M. Russell also a U.S.Soldier, at the combat stress clinic inside the U.S. Camp Liberty and unfortunately one of the dead service men was my room mate at the U.S.Camp Victory here in Baghdad-Iraq and this makes May 11,2009 the deadliest.

Making this passionate appeal to you,to please find a place in your heart to listen to my true situation and it's only when you take your time out to hear me out and assess all my facts then you will see the reason to assist me through this. Please do give me a fair hearing, so that I can discuss more of this with you, should I have been able to established your true identity and convinced that you are willing to assist me in a venture that could change your life and my life for good when am back at home from the combat mission here in Iraq. This is hell hole country,I must tell you.

As far as, my situation here is concern reaching out via this medium is personally considered safest means of reaching out to you from the U.S.Military base,here in Baghdad,Iraq.From all indications you are God sent, with the way and how lucky I was to get your e-mail contact address from the U.S. military base library address journal through my online search just a few minutes ago. My name, Sgt. Harry Aguayo, a serving American soldier with the U.S. Army-720th Military Police Battalion, 18th Military Police Brigade, Iraq. It is a race against time, that makes me so desperate to reach out for your assistance,simply because I've just received today the Pentagon's dispatched signal letter of my redeployment back to the United States next month and this is really good news for me to be among the 1,800 U.S soldiers short listed for the second batch to be redeployed back home.

For the safety of my military service after reading this e-mail,please do have it deleted and erased completely and do not discuss the details of my e-mail with someone you don't trust very well.

God bless you and your family.

Sgt. Harry H. Aguayo.
All further correspondence to my private e-mail address: harry.h.aguayo@live.com

10 November, 2009 10:16  

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