05 February 2005

Spc. Jennifer Laroach, of Brooklyn, New York, is pinned on with Cavalry spurs during the 312th Military Intelligence Battalion spur ceremony Camp Victory. PIC: Pfc. Ricardo Branch Posted by Hello


Anonymous Schmidt, D SSG said...

This is not really a comment- but more of a big question of standards. I understand the 1st Cav Div units are labeled "Cavalry." But did this spur ride uphold the Cavalry spur ride tradition and standards?

Were the spur candidates required to research and write about a Cavalry related topic? Were they given an exam- and required to pass before continuing? Were duty performance/APFT/marksmanship evaluated before hand- and was anyone weeded for not meeting the Cavalry standards? Did they appear before a board to state why they should be allowed to become a candidate- and then defend those reasons? Did the senior spur holder, candidate sponsors, and spur ride cadre actually earn their spurs from a Cavalry Squadron? (You know- with Scouts in it.) Were the spur candidates in leadership positions- none holding less rank than Corporal, as required by the Cavalry tradition?

I'm a Cavalry Scout with over 10 years in both light and heavy scout platoons- and I've been to war with each. I underwent a grueling 4-day spur ride as each Scout does to earn his spurs. Many of the hard-core-two-fisted Scouts don't make it through the spur rides put on by Cavalry Squadrons.

Like other Scouts, I do not want to see the Order of the Spur become another wholesale item. I'm just wondering if we're upholding traditions and standards or letting them slip...

07 October, 2005 20:57  

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