26 May 2005

Lance Cpl. Kyle Becker puts his older brother, Gunnery Sgt. Mathew C. Becker in a headlock as the two wrestle. The brothers have not seen each other in two years because of being stationed at different bases and deployments until they crossed paths here recently. Their time spent together in Iraq will be short as Mathew prepares to return to Camp Lejeune, N.C. with A Company, 2d Military Police Battalion, which was augmenting 1st Force Service Support Group. II Marine Expeditionary Force is replacing I MEF during the changeover of command and control of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Pic: CPL C.J. Yard
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Blogger E said...

Hey dood,
I'm just some no-name who stumbled upon your blog. Cool pics man. Hope all is well with you soldiers over there...and more important...hope you get to come home soon!

26 May, 2005 03:19  

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